Atria Explore works from pre-rendered content that includes panoramic views, video fly-throughs and orbit views. It uses the GPS features of modern smartphones as a wayfinder in specific locations.

Using your smart device like a window you can look through it and all around to see what the view will be like from your chosen location. You can even have a full panoramic video flythrough that you can view just by holding the device wherever you want to look.

From the comfort of a boardroom, trade floor or anywhere else you can still use Atria Explore by turning off the high-tech features. Navigate around the project and use the touchscreen to pan around the full panoramic views, orbit around structures or just watch the video walkthroughs.

Future features

Atria Explore is built to be modular and its core is a full 3D engine. Planned features include:

  • full 3D model viewer
  • 3D walkthrough mode
  • augmented reality viewer.

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