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Imagine standing on an empty lot and being able to view the building that will be there. On-site or from across the world, explore future land developments, engineering projects or architectural designs using your iPad, Galaxy Tab, iOS or Android smart phone as a window to a new world.

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Atria screenshots
Atria screenshots
Atria screenshots

What is Atria?

Atria is a multi-platform application that allows you to use your tablet or smartphone as a window to virtual structures and designs. On-site or from across the world, investors and stakeholders can use Atria Explore to get a realistic view of future projects.

Atria is the perfect way to show off large land developments, intricate engineering, massive oil and gas projects, beautiful architectural walkthroughs or historical tours.

Atria's modular design means that new features and functionality are constantly added so projects can be custom built to suit your needs.

Why use Atria?

Interactivity on modern devices is a great way to show off your project and gain support and interest from investors, stakeholders and the general public.

By putting the control in the hands of the viewer it allows them to explore the project in detail and see what it will really look like.

The panorama view allows you to look around you by moving the tablet giving you a whole new perspective on the size and scale of the project.

Partner with us

Are you a 3D company or content provider interested in partnering with us to bring Atria Explore to your customers? Contact us to see how you can use your own content with Atria.


With a range of platforms and content options, there is no one-size-fits-all price point for Atria. To find out how you can use Atria to display your content, please contact us.


Atria Explore currently works on iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone and Android smartphones. It also works on your desktop or web browser. For conferences and trade shows Atria can display on large-format touch screens. From in your hand to on your wall, Atria Explore can work on the smallest devices up to the largest of screens.

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